Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mr. Grateful

We've had many nicknames for the boys, most of them unknown to them.  For a while, Joey was Mr. Naughty, but then that became Bam-Bam's name. 

Now, Christopher is most definitely Mr. Grateful.  This particular trait makes me uber happy, but it still gives me a laugh.  I heard a story about Uncle Joe who used to apologize for everything and he wouldn't be happy until he received forgiveness..... that is Christopher, except it's gratefulness.

Thank you for staying with me, Mommy.

Thank you for going this way, Mommy.  (when I am just driving down the road, minding my own business)

Thank you for letting me have this basket, Mommy.

Thank you for Cubbies, Mommy.

Thank you for the warm one, Mommy. (When I turn on the hot water faucet for handwashing.)

Thank you for the napkin, Mommy.

Thank you for my fireman coat, Mommy.

Thank you for the sunshine, Mommy.  (When I raise his blinds.)

It doesn't end.  And shouldn't we all be like this-- thanking our Benefactor, God, for everything he gives us?  I hope Mr. Grateful always has that nickname.

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  1. It remind me of something I read a couple of days ago. I can only paraphrase it, but it was all about thinking and thanking... not letting things seem insignificant and voicing our gratefulness.


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