Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Lawn Care Saga

I'm fed up with our lawn care service, I just have to admit it.  How fair is it to say I'm third on the list for Mondays and then the lawn guys show up at 2:30?  Or say "we'll be there by lunch!" and then they came when I was gone picking up Tim around 4:30?  And then.... charge me the whole amount for doing half my yard, because the dogs weren't locked up because they came much later than they said?

Is it good business to forget the combo lock code to the back gate and then ring the doorbell during naptime?  Seriously, it's supposed to be on the sheet the lawn guy has... it's been there for a year.  Where did it suddenly go?

Is it really necessary to come smoke on the front porch of a pregnant woman?

Is it smart to charge $43.80 every two weeks for a nicely mowed lawn BUT they do the blowing AFTER the mowing which results in thousands of leaves scattered on my nicely mowed grass?  Surely there's a way to do a better job, even if it means doing a bit of raking.

So, I got fed up today with the smell of smoke when I answered the door during naptime when the lawn guys were supposed to have come pretty early today. 

I had stayed home from the park so I could bring in my puppy and the boys' dog, and then, I had to hurry conducting my personal business, because, really, who wants to be interrupted on the potty by a smoking man on your porch?  Then..... I missed my nap because they came so much later than normal.... no.

It's just very annoying to me.  This is not confession time.  This is just plain old life, and it has to stop.

So I'm going to fire them (well, really, I'll let Tim do it) and I've already hired someone else who charges $20 ish less per mow I might add.

I feel pretty good about this. 

**Disclaimer:  I don't loathe smokers, I just don't want to smell it!  And I certainly don't want the cigarette butts in my yard.


  1. It sounds like way too much trouble for a busy mom. Times are tough...if they want work, they need to do a good job. Simple as that.

  2. $43... and an unprofessional attitude. Oy. Good thing you found someone else.

  3. smoking on the job is always unprofessional--unless of course you are a bartender.


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