Wednesday, March 2, 2011


We're so sad today since sweet Baby Knox has left this earth and has joined his Lord in heaven.  We grieve for the Robinson family; they have been through so much this last year, with a miscarriage, a high risk pregnancy, and then the temporary loss of health.... and finally, the temporal loss of their precious son Knox.

We bless God for His gracious, sustaining hand.  We weep for our hurting family.  We praise God for the gift of His Son, who He sacrificed for us, that we might know Him. 

Please, please pray for our family, Hyde, Jess, Tate, and Canon.  We praise God for their son Knox.  Even though he was only on earth a little while, we know he was God's amazing gift to his family and to all who know them.  We'll never forget God's love to them and we recognize that even though this is incredibly difficult, God knows all and is in control of ALL.

Blessed be the name of the Lord!

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  1. My heart feels so heavy for them. There really are no words. What a precious baby now resides in Heaven though.


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