Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Boys and the Glear Globber

In our family we call May Flies "Glear Globbers".  I think my dad started that name, and Glear Globber is a perfect description of that bumbling giant mosquito lookin' thing.

There are some of them in our house, even though it isn't even close to May.

This is how the boys reacted to the glear globber in their bathroom.

First they both came to me:  Mahhhh MEEEE!!!!!  There's a bug in our bathroom!!! 

They showed me, and I explained what it was.  It really wasn't very big as glear globbers go.  It was probably only quarter size, and yes, that includes the legs.  What good is a measurement if it doesn't include the legs?!?

Joey's response:  "I maybe might need to step on it."

Me: "Noooooo you don't!"

Christopher's response later as he was going to the potty:  "MAH MEEEEEE!!!!!   MAH MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!  There's something on my back!!!!  (Whimpering sounds)  It's the bug!  A bug on my back!"  (More whimpering)

Me:  "Bam-Bam, it's just a big fly.  It just flies around.  (I demonstrate with my hand.)  It doesn't bite.  It'll be ok.  It's not even there anymore."

He still wasn't consoled.  I heard him trying to continue as I leave the bathroom.....  "It not going to sting me?  It prob-ly will sting me!"

Such differences.

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