Wednesday, March 30, 2011

29 Week Growth Ultrasound

If you remember, the doctor said my blood pressure might cause Ilse to grow too slowly, and so she prescribed two growth ultrasounds to check on the sweet baby's progress.

The first ultrasound at 25 weeks and 3 days revealed a healthy baby that was measuring at 25 weeks and 4 days.  I was relieved.  Thanks for the prayers!

The second ultrasound was done this morning, and jokingly, as I was headed out the door from Kim's (she watched the boys), I remarked that the baby would be a week big.  Well, she is.  She's exactly a week big.  She is measuring at 30 weeks 3 days instead of 29 and 3.  Yay for Ilse!  I'm so glad my BP is not interfering with her growth.

Here are her stats:  She is perfectly proportionate-- no one part of her body is larger than the others.  She has very long legs (Thank you, Parker genes-- they're the tall ones.)  Her brain looks excellent.  She has no sign of spina bifida (which is a relief to me since I haven't been faithfully taking my folic acid.)  She has all ten toes, although it's impossible to tell if they are webbed like little Gracie's, and I think someone else's?   The sono tech told me she doesn't have club feet or a cleft lip.  She is guesstimated to be at 3 pounds 11 ounces, which is quite a bit bigger than BabyCenter predicts at this week, but the sono tech said that we are within the two week window of normality.  Ilse is upside down and facing the right way.  I wonder if she'll stay that way?  She still won't give us a true profile during an ultrasound.  She must be like Zoolander and not want to turn left. 

Ilse looks to be perfectly healthy and wonderful.  We got a couple good pics of her little lips and nose.  She has two nostrils, for anyone who was wondering about that all important fact.  Some day, she'll be able to blow her nose in the manner of most other people on the planet. 

I have been taking my iron pill regularly and I feel some better; however, I would almost trade the renewed energy for the fresh breath I used to enjoy.  Now I am plagued in the mornings with an atrocious taste in my mouth.  It is like I swallowed metal.... which I guess I basically did. 

I am having quite a few Braxton Hicks contractions which is a new and different sensation.  We're getting through it, although it has caught me off guard a couple of times.  These are not fun while I am driving, which, if you know me, is something I am almost always doing.  Constantly. 

My feet haven't grown and neither has anything else that was supposed to.  I don't even believe I'm taller, even though somebody, maybe Christie? grew a couple inches when she was pregnant with one of the boys.  I do have worse skin, on my face, but the rash on my stomach that I've had for several years is actually better.  And my hair is nice and soft.  And my fingernails are so thick I can hardly cut them.  :) 

Ilse and I are doing great; we are enjoying being in each other's space and I just can't wait for the day (night) when she keeps me up kicking.  I am downing quite a few Tums each day, but other than the added sugar, I don't guess it will kill me.  They sure make me breathe easier. 

We are supposed to paint Ilse's room this weekend.  I hope I am up to it, because even not being pregnant, painting is hard.  The up and down, up and down, up and down hurts my sciatic nerve.  Nevertheless, we are going to do our best, and historically, our best looks pretty nice.  I am the painter in the family, although no one has called on me in a long time.

When Mom was planning on painting, I offered, and she said, "No, you might have kids soon!"  That was last May, and I remember replying, "Um, no, adoptions take much longer!  Even if we got a call tomorrow we wouldn't have the kids for weeks."  How stupid was I!  The next day we got the call about the boys, and that very day they arrived.  Perhaps that is why I haven't been asked to paint anything.  Clearly I'm not living in the world of reality.  :)

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  1. Buy yourself one of these, you will NEVER go back..

    The original 5 piece is a good one. I can usually find these at either Home Depot or Lowes but only one has them but I forget which one. Let your fingers do the walking, or maybe Amazon 2 day?

    So with these, you don't have the constant bending stretching to reload so often. One load will do the better part of a wall and it doesn't make it much heavier. I believe they make painting a good 1/3 faster per room. I also get back pain when painting...try it, you won't be sorry. Should cost about 30.00, and you can use them for future painting IF you clean it well at the end. Otherwise, if you were doing much painting, it would be worth it for just once time anyway.


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