Friday, February 11, 2011


Tim's aunt Elayne wrote on her blog about becoming vegetarian, and you know what?  I hesitate to say it (actually, I jumped pretty quickly over to my blog to say it), but this kind of eating really resonates with me now that I'm pregnant.

I am really having trouble liking meat.  I know.  That isn't a Raesner/Foster thing to feel at all.  What am I thinking?!?  But I can't help it.  Chicken still grosses me out; I didn't love the fish I had last night.  I can tolerate the beef in muchacos (LOVE Taco Bueno), but I honestly think it is really the beans I'm loving.  In fact, I'd really be happy eating beans with cheese and sauce constantly, and if you know anything about pregnancy, my body loves it too.

Of course, I can't go vegetarian because Tim would simply die.  He loves chicken, he loves fish, he loves steak, he loves meat.  Period.  I think he's kind of suffering right now without me being able to even endure chicken in the house.  I have sacrificed for him, though, and I take him to Chick-fil-a occasionally, and I do put ham on his lunch sandwhiches.  No, I can't eat ham either, but that predated pregnancy.  That dated from Mom making me study biology and the book having a picture of the worms in ham.  I might have eaten it twice since then.  Eww!

So tonight we are having mom and dad for dinner, and as I was thinking about what to have for dinner, I discarded two meat options before hitting on nachos.  Who can beat beans, chips, and cheese?  :)


  1. I am relieved you are not having your mom and dad FOR dinner, ha ha!

  2. That is EXACTLY what your sister said! Lol.

  3. I hated meat when I was pregnant too...with my last pregnancy I had just bought about 15 lbs of chicken on sale right before I got my meat aversion...and then I could not stand to even think about it for months. Thank goodness it kept in the freezer. We ate a lot of chicken once I could tolerate it again! ;)


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