Thursday, February 17, 2011

Turbo Tax Update

I talked to another turbo tax person this afternoon.  I abruptly ended my first chat (this morning) because I needed to go take Tim his lunch.  This second person understood the problem a bit better in that he suggested a solution... do nothing.  Just print and file.

So that's what I was going to do.  Yes, turbo tax still says there are a few errors.  But, what can I do about that???

However, when Tim and I were driving to the post office, we began to talk about how the copy we have of the decree of adoption doesn't show the state seal.  Did you know that the IRS wants the copy to show the state seal?  How can I help it that the courthouse issued us a certified copy with only an impression of the state seal instead of an ink version or a sticker?

So, the third tax person I talked to today (this time a real IRS guy) said to send a notarized letter saying the seal won't copy.  Good grief.  I don't know if they'll accept that.  So, in addition, we are sending copies of their old birth certificates and copies of the new ones so the IRS can see the changed names; we are sending copies of the certificate the boys' got that says they were adopted.  Those have the state senate seal on them.  We are also sending copies of the new social security cards.  Hopefully all of this will convince the dreaded IRS to accept our statement that we did actually adopt the boys. 

If only I could send them this blog address and have them read all my posts.  Then they'd know for sure that our boys are well and truly adopted.  :)

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