Monday, February 21, 2011


Tim helped me get some stuff done today since I'm still dealing with my cold.  We went to get some new flip flops for the boys at Old Navy.  I knew Joey needed new ones since he's been wearing Christopher's since November, when Joey's nice flip flops got eaten by Stella after the adoption party.  (Yes, she only ate the flip flops, and that wasn't her fault since they had been left in her yard.)

I looked down today, though, and realized that Bam-Bam also needed new summer shoes.  It's unbelievable, since he hasn't really grown too much, it seems, except leaning out.  But his stinky feet are another thing entirely.  He needed bigger shoes!

So we got both the boys two new pairs of flip flops at Old Navy, and we got Joey some new shirts, because, believe it or not, he's outgrown his 5T shirts.  He's such a tall one, just like his Aunt Erika.

We also made a stop at Lane Bryant.... I love that store.  Usually I can go in, pick my size off the rack and know it will look fabulous.  Not anymore.

In some areas I needed a smaller size, but in my all important tummy, I nearly needed a size up from my regular size.  I compromised.  I got a few shirts that fit now and possibly, depending on how fast Ilse grows, will fit for several more weeks.  I also got a few shirts that are tolerable now, but will fit much better in my tummy (although being giant in other places) for the next couple months or maybe even the duration of my pregnancy, again, just depending on Ilse.

Also, I got one shirt that neither Tim nor I could resist.  It is blue with tiny white circles on it, a very cool neckline, an empire waist, and a swanky collar.  No, it won't fit much more than a couple more weeks, but I'm sure it will fit after my pregnancy. 

So I feel like I am outfitted for the summertime, except for some shorts (unless the ones I have still fit, but I'm not holding my breath).

Yay!  I love new clothes.  I'm still not used to having new clothes.  I remember I used to wear my clothes until I just looked terrible, but a couple years ago I told Tim I just couldn't stand it anymore, and I had to start buying clothes before I looked like a complete weirdo.  When my shirts are nearly see through because I've worn them for two straight years.... not summers, but the whole entire year....  it is simply time to go shopping.
And the bright new colors are always so happy that I feel like I've gotten a mood lift just by walking into the store.

Finally-- this is actually what we did first, but I'm writing about it last because this includes the funny line I'm using to conclude my blog post-- we got Tim and the boys new hair cuts.  We go to Sports Clips; yes, it's expensive, but the lady there always does a good job, which of course, I always appreciate since I'm paying for a nice hair cut.  Tim got a cool cut, that hopefully will not induce teachers at high schools to ask him for his hall pass like usually happens.  Bam-Bam got a cut that doesn't make his head look like a microphone, and Joey.....

Joey got a hair cut that looks exactly like


Live long and prosper.


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  1. So ... where are the pictures??? I'd love to see ... the clothes and the haircuts!
    Nice update.
    Maria (Canada)


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