Thursday, February 17, 2011


Here is another pregnancy post.

I'm very thankful for my safe and easy pregnancy.  After having so much trouble getting pregnant, I expected a monstrosity of a pregnancy-- swollen feet, giant clothes, complete and total exhaustion, constant nausea, crying jags, and a general feeling of, shall we say, icky-ness. 

None of that has happened.  Yes, I'm tired, and yes, I had a bit of nausea.  And I cried for a couple days.

But on the whole, I still don't feel like someone who is 23 weeks has been purported to feel.

I am still in my regular pants.  In fact, today I forgot to unbutton them in my race for the potty (can you tell I have three and four year old?  Their words are now in my vocabillary) and I just pulled them right down.  That is not supposed to happen. 

I look at myself in the mirror and I see.... nothing.  Just the same old stomach I've had for years.  WHERE is the pregnant belly?!???  I'm told it's coming.  We'll see.  How many pregnant ladies do you know that go shopping for maternity clothes in their third trimester?  I'm afraid that's going to be what happens.  And how much of a waste would that be?  To buy a whole wardrobe for 13 weeks??  No.  I'm just going to have to sag the pants I have.  Don't tell Miss Manners.  I will buy some maternity shirts, because they might be cute.... if I ever get to that stage.

So yes, I'm at 23 weeks.... third trimester coming up in less than five weeks. 

On the nursery front: I've got the crib and the bedding.  I have some other things I want to buy, like another sham and pillow, another valance, and some sheets.  Then I need the dresser and changing table and some decorations for the walls.

Then, Ivy and I are going shopping at Target for some necessities.  Anyone else want to come?

On the sonogram front:  We're having a 3D sono on March 26.  We'll see if Ilse is really a girl.  If not, well, we'll sell the bedding and buy blue.  And we'll prepare for a Jack.  :)  Not a bad thought at all.  Of course, he might have a complex and think his name is Ilse, because the baby can hear now, and I am talking to he/she every chance I can.  But I always address the child as Ilse.  Maybe I should stop!  :)


  1. Glad that your pregnancy is going so well...that is such a blessing!

    Love, Grace

  2. It is so great to hear that your pregnancy is going well. I mostly wore my regular pants with a belly band when my tummy started to show and I was well into my 5th month when that started to happen.
    Shopping for babies is alot of fun!! Enjoy!
    We continue to pray for a great and safe pregnancy, and a healthy baby Ilse.

  3. Shopping for babies IS fun, but what I meant to say is, shopping for your own baby is fun!


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