Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Secret

Ilse is a kicker.  She kicks me mostly in the morning and late evening, and you know what?

It is the most amazing thing.  Had anyone told me what it was like, I wouldn't have believed them prior to experiencing it myself.

The other day when we got Ilse's bedding (a post on that later) I, of course, couldn't wait to show it to mom.  So I headed to Stacy Furniture, where she was at the time, and I waited for 45 minutes or so until she was done.  I was sitting there in a rocker while she concluded her business, and Ilse woke up and began kicking.  I noticed I had the silliest smile on my face as I sat there feeling her kick.  No one else knew; it's like it is my own personal secret.  She is kicking ME, her mom.

I can't wait until Tim can feel it.  He hasn't gotten to, yet.  The lady I got the bedding from told me that her husband just felt their baby move, and she is due two months earlier than I am.  That will be a very special day.  Then it will be our secret.  Still mostly mine, but I'll share it.  :)


  1. aww. sweet, Em. I totally felt the same way when I was just starting to feel our babies kick. However, it was not a secret for long. When I was pregnant with Sam, I would sit around a table with 10 other people at our theology breakfast. And within minutes, everyone would be surpressing giggles to see Sam doing jumping jacks in my belly. It was something. LOL enjoy!

  2. So happy you are getting to enjoy the tap tap tap of little Ilse's feet inside. It is such a neat thing to think another little life is hidden inside, and right now, she is your secret. :)


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