Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Kids' Daddy

This is a hard post to write.  Not that I don't have a million and five things to say about Tim-- I do!  But there is just so much, and I want to pick the right things to say.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, and Tim made me feel incredibly special.  I got a singing valentine from the Men of Note Chorus, Tim gave me a singing frog (more on that later) and he got me a Symphony bar.  Then, in the evening we got takeout from Spaghetti Warehouse.  I've been on a cheese kick, and their manicotti is perfectly delectable. 

All day I knew he was thinking about me and planning things for me.  I told him it reminded me of Clayton Webb in JAG, when he was supposedly in Germany, up until the part where he faked his own death and allowed a spy to hang around his girlfriend Mac.  :)

Tim is an amazing man.  He always takes care of me; he always does the hardest stuff.  He is unfailingly patient and loving.  He loves spending time with me, and he loves doing things to make me happy. 

We hit several rough patches in our marriage during the years of infertility-- but what can you expect?  Men aren't the same as women, and women are definitely not the same as men.  We came out of it closer together and stronger as a couple, because of the grace of God.

Since having kids I've seen what a wonderful dad Tim is.  After seven years alone, sometimes we've both had a bit of trouble remembering we have kids at all, but he always takes time for them.  Our sons love wrestling and 'fighting' with their daddy.  They are always so excited to go pick him up from work, even if they know they didn't behave that day.  They ask every night if he is going to read the bible with them, because they love spending that time with him.  He has taught them to pray and taught them how to value their Mommy.  He is teaching them how to value each other.

I'm glad I know that Tim will never leave me, because he keeps his promises and he daily proves to me that he tells the truth.  I love him so much.

When I met him, he was a scrawny boy dressed in hideous clothes.  I was so thankful the day his clothes got stolen out of the dryer at college.  No, I did not pay someone to take them.  I really enjoyed taking him shopping and buying him new clothes... well, having him buy himself some new clothes.  He could certainly afford it.  He nearly died when we took the scenic route.  In 2001, he was a tiny boy who weighed 159 pounds.  Now he is a man and looks so much better to me.  I do not prefer scrawniness, and thankfully he has obliged. :)

He is careful with our money but he is more careful to make sure I know I am loved.  He loves the Lord and seeks to serve him.  He wishes there was so much more he could do to serve our local body, but he knows he is limited.  He can't really go help with moves or mowing the church lawn.  But every time he talks to someone, that person knows Tim likes him and thinks he is cool.

He's the man God picked out for me, and I'm glad that He did.  Tim is the perfect husband for me.  I love him so much, and I am glad that we are a matched set-- both of us co-dependent and both of us totally in love with the other.

Happy Birthday, Tim!  We are getting old.


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  2. It is so great to hear how God has blessed you with such a wonderful husband and daddy to your kids. Happy Birthday, Tim!


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