Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ilse's Room

Ilse's room is a work in progress, but I am pleased to be able to say that I found a steal, a steal!, I say, on Craigslist.  I had always thought I wouldn't buy Pottery Barn Kids just because of the expensive price tag, but when it's used, by george, and you can buy a valance, quilt, bumper, sham, and bed skirt for $65, how could you resist?  I sure couldn't (didn't bother to try, really), and so I spent my Christmas money on it.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Here's a picture.

We discovered after our purchase that with the mattress raised up high the crib skirt wouldn't even reach the ground, so we opted to use the mattress that came with the crib with a plain white sheet on it, and over that put the mattress we will buy with a different, softer sheet on it.  That way the baby will be high enough, but the crib skirt will still be where it should be for maximum gorgeousness.  This picture is lacking the second mattress, so obviously the bumper will be much higher and there will be another level of color above the white mattress.  Inside the bed is the bear Tim and I bought the day we found out Ilse is coming instead of Jack.  I just love the way this crib looks.  To me it says femininity and nature.  Exquisite!

Here's the valance we got.  Obviously we will need another one.  I'm also planning to buy the pink gingham drapes from Pottery Barn Kids and some wall hangings from Ebay that match this set.

We will paint the room, although we are still debating the color.  We're leaning toward yellow, but we totally aren't sure.  Maybe pink on the bottom with yellow on the top, and a row of flowers around?  I don't know, but there's plenty of time to decide and be sure.

I hope everyone loves this crib set as much as I do!  This room is going to be a happy spot in our house.


  1. Ems, I like the color in there!
    I think it goes really well.

  2. Love the girlie, femininity of the set, it's lovely. That crib is just beautiful too.

    I like the idea of the pink and yellow combo for the room, and I'm sure whatever you do will be just beautiful and perfect for your baby girl.


  3. It all looks very feminine and absolutely gorgeous! How fun to be decorating your sweet little girl's room.

  4. LOVE!!! the set. It is beautiful.

    I do, however, feel there are serious safety concerns regarding bumper pads. 'Kind of makes one wonder why bumper pads are still available? It's annoying that bedding sets so often come with them. Please consider the safety of them ...

    Maria (Canada)


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