Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ilse's Furniture

Mom helped me find some lovely furniture for Ilse's room.  I had decided long ago that this was how I would arrange her room, and I adore it.  This is the heaviest furniture I have ever lifted, and considering my dad, my big sister, and I moved our entire house of furniture once all by ourselves attests that I have a fabulous frame of reference.  This furniture (well, not the crib, of course) will grow with Ilse and any subsequent girls we acquire through various means. 

I love the carving detail around the hardware on the drawers.

Yes, I was neurotic and vacuumed out each drawer, and yes, even the insides of the dresser and chest themselves.  They were a mite dusty, so I'm glad I did.  Yes, I'd have been glad I did it even if there had been no dust at all.  What if there had been a hair??  :)

In the coming months Tim and I will choose a fabulous glider/rocking recliner to go in Ilse's room.  We've been looking, but honestly, I'm a bit concerned about getting a used one, and all the reviews I've seen regarding StorkCraft have been so negative.  We'll see what we can find, though. 

Here's the other thing.  Can anyone explain to me the advantages of a diaper stacker?  Are they truly necessary??  Wouldn't an obliging drawer work as well?

Ilse's room is coming together.  I can't wait until there is an Ilse Baby Girl in it.

Tim cracked me up yesterday when I was seeking his advice about where we should move the furniture.  I asked him what the prettiest thing in the room was, because of course, that needs to be visible from the hall.  And his response was, "The baby."

Ahhh.  He's a great dad.

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  1. Get a REALLY comfortable chair. I hope that your little one is a great sleeper, but in case she is not, you will be very thankful for a really great. I would personally look for a small recliner/rocker as opposed to a glider. The gliders are great, but after many hours of sitting in it at night I always wish it had more padding. :) Have fun setting up your nursery. (Also, I just put my diapers in a basket on or under the changing table/dresser.)


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