Thursday, February 3, 2011


I am sad for all the people in our family who didn't get to go out twice for donuts this week.  So much for iced in... donuts called us and we answered. 

Boy, oh boy, were they good.  And the funny thing about an ice cold environment is that donuts don't go stale.  Amazing, huh.  So even a few days after we buy them and leave them sitting out, they are still fresh and delicious. 

This week Tim and I have gotten the garage cleaned and organized, Ilse's room cleaned and the crib disassembled, put in, and reassembled (that was a total headache), the hall closet cleaned and organized, and other things. I have no idea if Plano will resume school tomorrow.  Having been out today, I'm thinking it probably isn't a good idea.  I wouldn't trust my kid out driving with a bus driver who might or might not be a good ice driver or in a school with intermittent power.

Today the boys are going to get to watch a movie, probably The Snowman.  They love it, and especially they love the part where the boy and his snowman ride on the motorcycle.  That will be a love of theirs we'll have to manage in coming years, I guess.

We are about to do a family cleanup... it's amazing how the house's cleanliness can go downhill when we're organizing.  The other day I was ready to just throw a bomb in Ilse's room instead of cleaning it all up, but thankfully, I resisted. 

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