Thursday, February 10, 2011


As a loving parent, there are some lessons I try to avoid teaching my kids.  Or perhaps better put, there are some consequences I try to prevent them having to endure.

For months we've been trying to teach Joseph to wait until we answer him before he goes ahead and does whatever he wanted to do.  It's been an uphill road, since of course, which of us waits very well?

We've also been telling him not to touch the oven.  Can you see where this is going?

Today as I was pulling our lunch pizza out of the oven (yes, I'm SUCH a good mother  :) ), Joey asked if he could push the oven rack back in, as he was touching it.  I didn't even have a chance to say Watch out! before he was pulling his finger back again having burned it. 

Two things I'm thankful for:  it wasn't a bad burn.  And secondly... had he still been in foster care we'd have been heading to the emergency room, where you have to go for each and every burn, no matter how trivial.  Thank the Lord for adoption.

This is the kind of thing we've been trying to avoid by teaching him these concepts: wait for an answer before acting, and DON'T touch the oven!

Poor boy.  He didn't even cry, but I believe he understood for the first time why Daddy and Mommy have rules.  The rules are either to keep you physically safe in life or to keep you safely on the road to Life.

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  1. I remember Johnathan doing something similar when he touched the waffle maker before he learned exactly what the word "hot"'d better believe he understood what it meant afterward! Sometimes lessons have to be learned through experience, and that's so hard to see as a parent.

    Off to read about your nursery...


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