Wednesday, February 23, 2011

24 Week Appointment

Yesterday I had my 24 week appointment, and the doctor had a few things to talk to me about.

First, she wants to do a few extra ultrasounds to make sure Ilse is growing on schedule.  This is recommended because Ilse was 4 days small at 20 weeks, and in people with high blood pressure, the baby doesn't always get the blood she needs to grow through the placenta.  Therefore blood pressure medicine might be necessary.  The doctor told me not to worry about it, since right now my blood pressure is under control and not too high.  In fact, my blood pressure is lower than it was at the beginning of my pregnancy.  The doctor said we'll just watch it, continue testing it, eventually do another 24 hour urine protein check to see if the issue has gotten worse, and then possibly take other precautions (like medicine or bed rest) later.  I know several people who've had preeclampsia (Becca, didn't you?), and they were able to deliver healthy babies, so I'm confident that God will take care of Ilse, too.  We'll do a second growth ultrasound around week 30.

The other issue the doctor brought up is the issue of gestational diabetes.  At week 28, all pregnant women do the GST, or glucose screening test.  I confess, I'm not looking forward to drinking that orange stuff (she sent it home with me yesterday).  I have been having trouble eating anything sweet, since the taste is just magnified.  I can't drink any cokes anymore.  I tried DP the other day, and the aftertaste was so disgusting I can't even try it again.  Regular hot chocolate is too sweet, too.  Thankfully Starbucks' hot chocolate is more bitter than sweet, or I wouldn't have any hot drinks for my throat (since tea is just currently not my thing... that's too bitter), and I seem to keep on catching colds in spite of my rigorous handwashing.  But anyway, the doctor said that because of my history of PCOS, and my previous insulin resistance (which pregnancy is supposed to have cured), I should prepare to have to take the three hour glucose test.... Ewww and Ewww.

Hopefully it won't be too bad, and since no immediate relatives had gestational diabetes I probably won't either.  Only 4 percent of pregnant women have it, and it isn't solely dependent on the person's weight, believe it or not.  (I know several thin/average people who've had it.)

Of all of this news, I'm most concerned about Ilse's growth.  If she isn't growing properly after another month or so, the doctor will send us to a specialist.  Obviously, the same God who allowed us to get pregnant after seven years of dealing with infertility is the One watching over Ilse now.  We know that he will do what is best for her and for the rest of us.

Starting at week 28, I will go every two weeks to the doctor, and then sometime later, perhaps week 34 or so, I will go every week.  When I think of this pregnancy in terms of weeks, it seems so short.  I can't believe I'm four weeks from the 3rd trimester.

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