Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Testimony to God's Sovereignty

God is sovereign, and although I doubted it many, many times during our trial of infertility, we've had some amazing proof since that He was always in control.

I've written before about how we wouldn't have gotten our precious boys were it not for the infertility and various other decisions we made, like taking a break from foster care to deal with the depression and other emotions of infertility. The whole situation of getting the boys was proof of God's being in control.

Well, the day we signed the placement papers for the boys, we got another proof of God's sovereignty, and we had it pretty much confirmed last night.

We don't have maternity insurance, and we have no hope of getting any until Tim gets a job. And yet, we will end up getting enough money in our tax return to pay for the baby.

The chain of events that has occurred to make this possible is so incredible, especially since I fought against it nearly every step of the way.

You know what happened?

That horrendous health care bill got passed. Yep, even though I fought it, yelled at the TV all the way through the voting, nearly had a heart attack with the stress of it all.... God is still in control of our government no matter how evil the people are who run it.

You know what was in that bill? Money to everyone who adopts kids. Not just tax credits, but money the government gives you. What a blessing to all who adopted someone!

So had we not been infertile, had we not stopped fostering when we did to deal with infertility, had Obama not gotten elected, had the government actually listened to the people, had we not said 'yes' to the boys (my amazing, precious sons!).... then, when the wonder of wonders happened...... when we got pregnant at the perfect time, GOD'S perfect time, we wouldn't have had the money to pay for the baby.

We are just amazed at how God worked it all out. All the pain, all the anger, all the struggle... still, God knew when the perfect time for the boys' adoption would be, He knew when He would cause a pregnancy that by all accounts wasn't going to happen, and He knew the laws that would be passed to pay for it.

AND, the tax return will probably get here with a few weeks to spare for the birth. What timing. What graciousness. What sovereignty. What faithfulness.

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