Monday, January 3, 2011

The Social Security Administration

Tim and I have had a very frustrating few days. When we adopted the boys, the lawyer made a big deal about how we needed to go get new social security numbers for the boys. They were abused and neglected, had been in 9ish homes, and their numbers were no longer secret or secure. Thus, the judge ordered that the social security administration give new numbers to our boys, and she listed the reasons why.

Fast forward to the 30th of December. The office in McKinney flat out refused to give the boys new numbers.... get this.... the reason is because we told them they are adopted. Dumb, huh? What child is adopted through DFPS that doesn't know they are adopted, unless they are an infant?!?

So, the only way the boys could get new numbers, we were told, was if we could PROVE their numbers had been abused with a police report or something, AND if we could prove we had done everything we could to stop it. Again, dumb!

Why wait for a catastrophe to happen before preventing it? Why wait for the poor adopted children to be victimized again before the government (who supposedly loves kids, btw, but who kills them at every opportunity) stops it?

We called the lawyer, and he said just to go to another office, even though the people at the McKinney office told us that every office would tell us the same thing. Sure enough, we got to the Dallas office before they opened, hardly waited at all, and then, bah duh bum, the lady told us the exact same thing. We asked for a supervisor who didn't come for 10 minutes. During that 10 minutes someone popped their head in to see if we'd gotten tired of waiting and left. We didn't.

The supervisor said the exact same thing, with the added, "Well, there's one office around here that doesn't follow this policy, but I'm not going to tell you which one." How RUDE! But no, we weren't rude to them, but we still left without getting what we want.

They ended up filing a complaint of some sort, and the head office in Baltimore will make a determination if new numbers are warranted. Absolutely ridiculous. WHY does the social security administration not have to follow the court order? I don't understand how that is legal. I really don't. We already have another call into our lawyer.

And it makes me mad that the government again gives undue advantage to the parents who abused and neglected their kids, and to the foster parents who didn't love the kids enough to keep them longer than a few months. We were told to hurry up and file our taxes, because if anyone else uses the boys' numbers first, we're just out of luck.

Absolutely DUMB.

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