Monday, January 3, 2011

Nausea for a good cause

I've been waiting to feel the baby move for a while. Weeks, no, months, actually. I'd thought a couple times I did feel it, but I don't know now. I think I did feel it tonight though, because I was immediately nauseated and dizzy. Surely that reaction won't continue! I can't wait until I feel it so definitely that I'm absolutely, thoroughly positive he/she/it moved! :)

Also, I think my sense of smell needs to deteriorate a little bit. I can smell every little bit of everything. It isn't often your own smell makes you wince, but that is what is happening to me very frequently these days. And I, being a previous Foster, am perfectly clean, I can assure you!

And my ultrasound is Monday, January 24th. At 10am. Maybe they'll be able to tell us for sure who Baby Minich is. I hope (and everyone else should hope so too!!!!) that they are right because we are going to spend money on a nursery. I would hate to lose that moolah, you know. :)

Yes, we're going to be frugal, but we are still going to decorate, decorate, decorate. And I am going to buy a rocking chair.

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