Monday, January 17, 2011

The Little Tiny Puppy

I am pleased to report to any interested parties that Joey is NOT afraid of 'the little tiny puppy', and that he plays well with her. He asked again today to go out to play with her, and after talking it over with Tim about the level of supervision needed, I said yes, and out he went. Bam-Bam went too, after he managed to put his shoes on, and they had a grand old time running around, getting muddy, feeding her food, and throwing leaves on her. I put a stop to the leaf throwing, because Faith clearly didn't like it, but the rest of it was so much fun for her. She adores Joey.

I did give the boys a bath the minute they came in, because both had been licked in the face (Ewww!) and both had thrown leaves up in the air. The leaves are the dogs' beds and play area, so no doubt they are hair ridden.

Yes, it's gross. But boy fun is sometimes gross, and so long as I bathe them when they come in, what's it matter?

I'm so happy they got to play outside today.

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