Sunday, January 9, 2011


Today the boys helped around the house. Joey is getting very good at clearing off the table. He doesn't drop any dishes and he doesn't shake them or run. Bam-Bam still shakes things; I have no idea why.

Nevertheless, both the boys worked on clearing the table, and then Joey cleared the coffee table. They are loving their dishes and food set, so they also spent a good while playing. I'm glad that Awanas was canceled today, since I wouldn't have wanted to drive that far in potential ice with the boys and the baby. I did learn how to drive in ice when Jess had Canon, but that was only my life being risked; I'm sure not going to risk the boys' lives. Or the baby's. Or Tim's.

Today Joey wore a swanky argyle sweater to church. He looked uber handsome in his sweater and jeans, and Christopher looked like a little cowboy in his flannel shirt and jeans. Yes, I don't love sending my kids to church in jeans, but I'm not happy with the church pants I got them from Old Navy; they have faded way too quickly and in my opinion they don't look nice enough anymore. I need to find some pants that won't fade so quickly; although I suppose it would have helped if I had bought more than one pair.

I have not been keeping up with my laundry very well. Oh, it's washed alright, but the bed in the guest room is so full of laundry that every time I walk in there I get flashbacks to the yellow house where Ivy and I had to fold a queen bed full of laundry like, every day. :) I've told Tim that I can't handle folding it and that we're just doing to have to use the laundry off the bed until it's gone. We'll see if I really do that. Maybe I just need to take the laptop in there and my trusty dusty JAGs and have a laundry folding party. It is lame to have a party all by your lonesome... maybe one of my sisters wants to come help? Unfortunately, right now there is no room to fit on the bed. And no, it's not because I'm pregnant; I doubt even Joey could fit there right now.

I've decided that I'm changing my mind about when the boys are going to start their school. They have progressed so much in their playing/motor skills/speech that I really don't think 30 minutes or so of school a day will hurt them any. I am not sure how to start their letters. I don't even remember learning my letters. I don't like the idea of flash cards, but I'm really not sure what to do otherwise. Joey is still learning how to hold a pencil.

I did work with them the other day on drawing smiley faces. They can't do it worth a hill of beans, but they are getting better. I remember Christie talking about how Anna couldn't draw when she came to them at five, and even though the boys aren't quite that old, I would still like to get it conquered before too much longer. I do not want these boys to be at any more of a disadvantage than they have already been. I love them too much to let that happen just because I'm tired or don't know exactly how to start. Maybe the computer we got for Christmas is a good way to start, and singing the ABC song, although it seems like neither of the boys can currently carry a tune. However, I remember teaching another boy how to carry a tune, so I'm sure I can't teach them unless they are just among the sadly disabled in this area. Oh, that would be sad. I can't imagine not being able to sing at least a little bit.

It is going to take Joey longer to learn than Christopher, but he will just need to work harder to catch up. Both boys seem to have some kind of disconnect sometimes, but it is not insurmountable-- at least it hasn't been yet.

Both boys have recently discovered their pockets. They walk around all the time with their hands in their pockets. It's so cute.

This is the last month we can have guests stay in our dedicated guest room... so if you're coming, come on. Next month I'm getting rid of the queen bed in the guest room and most of the other random junk in there. Then in March we're buying a crib.

I still don't need maternity clothes. But when I do, I'll put it on here, no doubt, because I am writing things down to remember them. I have been having a hard time remembering everything. Two people have left their coats over here and I haven't returned them yet. I have two of Mrs. B.'s cake boards still from our adoption party, and every time I plant carnival squash in my Farmville I forget it and let it rot. Yep, I'm now a forgetsie just like my mom. I guess it's having kids that does it.

I've lost the ability to type, too. And that's sad. I am planning on getting a new computer in April or so. I'm getting a Mac, and boy am I looking forward to the uncrashability.

I suppose this hasn't been a very interesting post. But life isn't always interesting. Sometimes it's just happy, peaceful, and boring.

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