Thursday, January 13, 2011

Life Again

Today is a busy day. I have Mount Washmore to conquer and tons of Wal-mart and Sam's stuff to put away. Monday I had a very odd experience. I was going through Wal-mart doing my shopping early in the morning, and suddenly I got extremely tired and my stomach starting hurting so badly I couldn't even make it ten steps without stopping to lean on my basket. I though I was going to have to call Mom to come rescue me, and even poor Joey noticed that I didn't feel good before I got to the lean on the basket stage, because he saw my face and sweetly said, "Does your tummy hurt, Mommy?" He has learned to read the signs.

We made it through, though, and I bet the lady at the register thought I was a giant wimp, because she noted that this was my third child, and even though she didn't say it, she thought I should be used to it by now. I didn't enlighten her on our family business, since it certainly wasn't her business.

I got out to the car and I decided that I couldn't finish my shopping trip (I still needed to go to Sam's) because of the GIANT box of trains in my car. So I delivered them to Will (he was so happy), and after resting like a complete moron on Ivy's couch, I managed to make it home. I fed the boys and basically crashed into bed.

The next two days were nearly as bad, but today I feel much better. I am able to feed my puppies, take care of my boys, and do my horrendous pile of laundry. The boys are big helps. They LOVE helping me clear the table, and I've taught them to say "May I be done with my job?" instead of just disappearing when they think they are finished. It's amazing to me the little things I've asked Bam-Bam to do that he will remember. It's just as amazing the giant things with which he just won't comply. :)

Faith is growing like a weed. If it doesn't warm up soon, our plan of teaching Joey not to be terrified of dogs by getting him a tiny puppy to play with is going to be moot. She will soon be bigger than he is.

On the pregnancy front: I still don't really believe I'm pregnant. My tummy is smaller than it ever was, and I believe I'm still losing weight. The momentous event of the other day of needing to loosen my belt lasted, oh, about two days, and then I had to tighten it again.

I still don't feel any baby movement (there were a few somethings a day or two a week or so ago, but not enough to convince me of anything.) Usually when people go get their 20 week sonogram they should look huge. This just isn't exactly the way it is supposed to happen. I'll be surprised to see an actually proper sized baby in there. Maybe they are off by about five weeks? Lol.

I remembered again the other day that if I hadn't done a pregnancy test, I would never have known I were pregnant since there are still no signs, (other than the obvious, which, with my infertility issues, isn't a sign at all). I can totally see how women can get to six months and not even know they are pregnant. Humph. Ivy said that is good. The longer I can go without feeling pregnant the better. Oh, yes, I'm tired, but when have I ever not been? :)

My boys are running around playing happily in their room; I love hearing it. One of the best things Tim and I (and Ivy and Marcus) did was switch them into the biggest room. They have so much room to play, and they are SO GOOD at picking up toys before they get anymore out. I am so proud of them.

This morning we talked about our sin versus Jesus' righteousness, and how our sin was given to him at the cross, and his righteousness was given to us. Bam-Bam is very sure that he has a clean heart, but Joey just doesn't show the interest that Bam-Bam does. He's much more interested in whatever is currently on the hutch. Granted, there's a lot stuck there these days, but I still want him to listen.

I'm teaching the boys their vowels. We started two days ago, and boy, was it an experience. I was folding laundry, and I sat the boys on the coffee table for some rote memorization. Fail. With Joey at least. He simply doesn't learn that way, I quickly discovered. He did so much better as we began the running, jumping, crawling, and tapping. Tap our chest... A E I O U! Tap our head.... A E I O U! Tap our knees..... A E I O U! Etc., etc., etc.. They still can't say them on command, but they can say them if I start them and help a little.

After we learn that there are five vowels and that they are A E I O U, we will learn the sounds. I downloaded some songs to help us, because it's amazing how much songs can help. Joey will go around singing that God doesn't have no bodys... like man.... It's so funny, and of all the Judy Rogers songs, that's the one that has stuck with him the most. I guess I need to play more often the song about "Where do you learn how to love and obey? How to love and obey God the Father? In the Bible alone, only there can you learn, how to love and obey our great God!"

This has been another long post. I must say, I truly enjoy these Judy Rogers songs. I wish I were rich enough to buy a giant pile and put them on the coffee table at church for everyone to take one. They're not just for kids. They're eternal truth, and they help me every day.

"Adam and Eve"
by Judy Rogers

Adam and Eve were our first father and mother;
God made Adam from the dust of the earth,
And Eve was made from Adam,
And God gave to Adam and Eve a soul that could never die;
They were happy and holy in the garden that day until Satan told his lie.
And I have a soul like our first father and mother,
And I want to serve the Lord with all of my soul, and never serve another,
And then I'll be happy and holy and not believe Satan's lie…
For just like Adam and Eve,
I have a soul that will never, ever die.

And then I'll be happy and holy and not believe Satan's lie…
For just like Adam and Eve,
I have a soul that will never, ever die.
For just like Adam and Eve,
I have a soul that will never, ever die.

And this song makes me cry every time I hear it:

"God Made a Covenant With Adam"
by Judy Rogers

God made a covenant with Adam…

He promised life to Adam on that day.
He told Adam he would live forever,
If His command he perfectly obeyed.
But if he went his own way and didn't follow God, then he would have to die someday and life would be so hard.
Oh, Adam! Life is yours if you obey.

Satan the serpent came to Eden
And said to Eve, "Now listen to me…
You'll surely never die, but you'll be wise as God, if you just eat the fruit upon this tree!"
And Eve believed the serpent
And broke the Lord's command,
And Adam also sinned and they were driven from the land!

Oh, Adam! Selfishness brings misery.
Oh oh, Adam! Selfishness brings misery!

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