Monday, January 17, 2011

Joey's Thought Processes

We were eating Macaroni and Cheese tonight. I made three boxes because there are five of us to feed you know. I estimate I ate about a box and 3/4 myself, and Joey is still over there consuming mounds of delicious Kraft cheese product.

Tim says to Joey: "Wow, Joey, when you get big enough to get a wife, the way to your heart is definitely going to be through your stomach!"

Joey responds: "When I get big, I want to be a statue!"

What?!? :)

"I want to be a statue so you can look at me! I want Bam-Bam to be a statue with me, too!"

And now, he is begging Tim to be a statue with him instead of him being the 'big strong man' he is. Joey's begging goes like this: "I want to be still like a statue. Will you be a statue with me, please?"

Joey's adorable, and I'm never quite sure what he is going to say next.

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