Monday, January 3, 2011

Joey's Speech Continued

I'm just so impressed with Joey. He has made some amazing strides, he and acts more like a six year old than a four year old. One of the things he has really grown in is his speech.

The last time I wrote about this he was just barely learning to do his 'f' sound correctly, IF he used his fingers to keep his lips from making the 'p' sound afterward. Well, as of today, he can do it correctly without fail. No more 'p' sounds and no lip holding. He can say:


and so many more things. He doesn't do it correctly usually without reminders, but.... who would? He's made a habit for months of saying it wrong. I'm happy to remind him for a while. Eventually he won't need them any more.

(Right now he is being a complete goofball trying to do something like the Russian kicking dance. I'm laughing so much.)

The other thing that has improved in his speech is his use of the 'v' sound. Just the other day he no longer needed me to split words up like 'mov-ing'. I could split it properly 'mo-ving' and he could say it! Today he no longer needs me to split it at all. He can say 'over' properly too.

(Now Joey is in his Daddy's face saying 'MOOOOOO!' over and over and over, making Tim laugh so hard. At the table, Christopher is remarking on Joey's antics: "Unbelievable!"

Fun family times are able to make the heart glad. I love my sweet little family.

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