Friday, January 14, 2011

Joey's Antics

Joey is utterly joyfully these days. He has such a playful personality and wonderful expressions. I wish I could capture all of these moments on video for eternity.

He wakes up happy and goes to bed happy. He no longer evidences any sign of that anger and frustration that he showed when he first came. It's like he knows his world is right and he loves it.

The other night I heard some stirring around in the boys' room, and I thought we were about to have an accident, so Tim and I rushed in there to take the child (whoever it was) to the bathroom. Joey was semi-awake, so we hopped him up and took him to the potty. That child smiled sweetly at me the entire time he was walking to the bathroom, peeing, washing, and heading back to bed. He just demonstrates such confidence in our love for each other.

Lately he's been playing various issues of our family life. I'll hear him in the bedroom: "Boys! Time to come to the table!" Or, "Boys, it's time to pray: Dear Jesus, Help us to obey, In Jesus' Name, Amen!"

This afternoon I thought him the age old, Foster-approved method of carrying laundry from one room to another. Maybe it isn't Foster approved, because I don't remember Dad liking it, but we girls LOVED it. It's simple. Kick it. Kick it all the way to the area you are taking it. Then, if you aren't washing the laundry right away, you don't have to wash your hands, and THAT is very important to a Foster. As much as we love washing our hands, we also love keeping them clean, so that when we wash them anyway.... well, I guess there's no logic to it. :)

Nevertheless, Joey was excited to be able to kick laundry and NOT have to wash his hands. He obviously 'inherited' the Foster genes. His hands are dry and cracked. Poor boy. But, it's only appropriate, since he's OUR son, and both Tim and I have very dry/cracked hands. Joey has learned the value of loshTen (lotion) and he asks to get some regularly.

He's perfectly precious and I adore him.

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