Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Flat Tire

I'm so glad God had Tim stay home from work today. Of course, looking back it seems like it was more my choice than God's, as if that's possible, but nevertheless, it was God, and He certainly had a reason for doing it today.

We were driving to the bank to deposit a check, and a guy flagged us down to tell us our tire was nearly flat. Sure enough, it was. I'm glad that happened early afternoon with Tim with me, instead of on the way to work early in the morning, in the more frigid air. Tim wouldn't have made it to work and would have gotten himself a bad reputation for not showing up, or, I'd have gotten him there and then been stranded, freezing, pregnant and starving.... NOT fun.

But no. Tim was home, so we pulled over, he managed the air machine that turned out to be broken. He then dealt with the nice construction guys who offered to air up the tire for us, and then he got to make the decision about how many new tires we would buy since, by george, it was past time.

And if you know me, there are just a few things that absolutely freak me out. One is not having brakes that work, but we won't talk about THAT one. The other is having bad tires. Oh yes.... that is utterly scary. Terrifying, actually. I've been terrified of driving basically my whole life because I don't trust the tires--- unless they are brand new, and then I only trust them after I've driven a bit and have seen that Discount Tire really did tighten the lug nuts properly. Christopher Nix scared me to death with a story about Mary's Big Brown Building.... that's what Discount almost became because somebody didn't tighten some Mary's lug nuts.

So today we made it to Discount, we got two new tires, and now, at least I am confident in my rear tires.

I'm just so glad Tim was home.

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