Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Clarification

After talking to a dear friend who shall remain nameless, Tim and I have come to the conclusion that we need to clarify one point of my previous post on the difference between mean pointless hurt and hurt for a purpose.

The point I want to clarify is this:

We are NOT saying the following: God hurts us sometimes, therefore we should hurt our children.

Nope, not saying that. I don't care if you spank or not. I'm not and was not talking about that. :)

All we were saying about GOD was the following: It is inaccurate to say He never causes us pain.

We are not trying to be God's mouthpiece. We are saying that all people should just look at his WORD that he has already given us and be honest about His WHOLE character.

Secondly: it has been lovingly pointed out to me that sometimes the marshmallow I am really saying is hidden in 40 pounds of dog food. :) Lol.

The marshmallow of my post on the difference between pointless pain and vicious pain is this:

I don't want people out there to look at people who spank and call ALL of them abusers like Heather's parents. Sure, some parents who spank are abusers. But for that matter, some parents who DON'T spank are abusers.

That was the marshmallow-- what I was really trying to say.

I only have one other thing in general to say. Life isn't always warm and fluffy. Neither is my blog. I know people who put only happy things on their blog, and I also know people who put everything on their blog. I personally am trying to model my blog after my dear mother-in-law. She writes what she thinks. She tries to be kind, but she still says what she thinks needs to be said. I want to have a blog that I can send to that company at the end of the year-- that company that prints your blog into a nice book like a scrapbook. This blog is my record of life and who we are.

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