Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Boys

I'm enjoying being with my boys today. This pregnancy doesn't have too many weird effects on me, but it does make me tired. Some days all I've wanted to do is go to bed, but even though today is kind of like that, I'm still enjoying seeing my precious boys. We're working around the house together, and even though sometimes it's annoying to have little hands doing the things I could do so much faster, better, etc., I know that someday I will be so glad I taught them to sort laundry, turn socks right side out, switch the laundry into the dryer (without dropping it on the dirty garage floor), clear the table, put the proper things into the recycling (I'm REALLY big on that), put laundry away, and myriads of other little things.

They are such grand little helpers. I am constantly hearing, "May I help you?" And wow, their wives will LOVE that someday, won't they! :)

I love spending this time with them. I love teaching them to listen carefully to instructions so they get every aspect of the direction right the first time ('put ALL your clothes in the dirty clothes' does not mean 'put some in there but put your jeans on your bed') and they have gotten incredibly good at keeping their room clean all by themselves. They get out their two toys, and even if it is the little soldiers or the food and it's strewn all over the room, they quickly pick it up so that it is put away before they get out the next toy.

Christopher still is a toddler in so many things. He can't manage to accomplish anything besides handwashing, putting his clothes on, and peeing all by himself. Everything else he needs constant reassurance and affirmation. He double checks with me about everything. If I say eat your food, he parrots, "Eat my food?" just to make sure he got it right. THAT is why we are working on hearing directions, getting them right the first time, and then actually doing it.

Joey, on the other hand, is ultra independent. He is getting to the point where he'd like shower alone, pick out all his own clothes, and, lol, be completely in charge of Bam-Bam, too. Not a chance. I'm not going to let him pick out his own clothes until he's gotten down the concept of not killing the nicely folded pile of clothes in his drawer. That is for my sanity.

Don't read the following part if you are easily grossed out. You can start reading again at the next bolded part.

It also isn't time to teach him to wipe himself, and I confess, I have no idea how to go about that. I do NOT remember being taught that particular skill, and I don't know anyone else who does either. Not that I'm going to go around asking everyone, anyway. Although, if you want to share your insight into that problem, please, leave me a comment. Even if it isn't quite time to teach him yet, I'm sure it will be soon.

One of the girls we fostered had a serious problem with wiping herself. She WOULD NOT do it sufficiently no matter what I did, said, or taught. It was disgusting, and because we were strictly prohibited from throwing away any clothing item that she came with, I amassed a giant pile of disgusting underwear in the garage (because I refused to wash it). I got to throw it away when she left, and I'm sure she didn't miss them. I certainly don't miss them.

That is the problem I'm trying to avoid having again with Joey. But, like I said, I don't quite know how to teach that.

Now, I know the preceding subject is not often spoken about because it's gross. :) But, nevertheless, it is part of mothering and so will be addressed with honesty in this blog.

Easily grossed out people can start reading again.

I've been giving the boys more and more play time alone without supervision. They are doing so well. I just keep my ear tuned for whining (we don't abide that) and mean, selfish tones, but we really aren't having too many of those things to deal with. Some days, yes, I want to pull out my hair because one or the other of them will just be an absolute beast, but it isn't horribly often. More often than not, if one is a beast, it's Joey because he's lording it over Bam-Bam. Poor Bam-Bam. Ever since we took away his defense..... biting!...... he hasn't known quite how to manage when Joey is mean.

That is how life is going right now. Very pleasant but very slow because I am just very easily exhausted. I'm glad to have such willing little helpers to bend down and pick stuff up off the floor.

Tonight I am going out to celebrate Kimberly and Ellen's BDs. Everyone wants cheesecake, but I'm just not feeling it. I'll have to come up with an alternate dish I want. Honestly, all I want is cheese! The doctor said go for it, so I'm going to eat as much cheese as I want. :)

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  1. Your life with your boys sounds beautiful! Our life here is much the same...teaching Johnathan how to help and enjoying each moment with him and Eli. Motherhood is simply amazing, isn't it?!



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