Friday, January 21, 2011


This is the 6 1/2 month update on our relationships with the boys.

Joey is firmly attached to me. It's incredible. Yes, sometimes he has slight issues like asking other adults for permission to do things when I am right there, or asking to sit on other ladies' laps (which I discourage to help the attachment process), but he definitely knows who his mommy is and that he is never ever leaving here. He volunteers the information to people when we are out and about that he is never leaving until he is old and ugly. It's pretty funny to see that he thinks everyone knows his life history.

Tim doesn't think Joey is totally attached to him, and it's so funny how that works out, because Christopher is completely and in love with Tim, but sometimes he could take or leave me. It seems like he is really working on attaching, since he likes sitting with me, and right now he is draping his arm over mine.

We'll see how this process continues: I'm hopeful it'll be completed soon, and hopefully by the time the baby gets here, these precious boys will be all done attaching.

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  1. Those two are so cute. :) Attachment is such an interesting process. It is funny how each of the girls have attached either to one parent or the other first and THEN to the other one. None of them have attached to both at the same time fully. There was always a favor towards one of us.

    I'm so happy for the boys. I love Joey's little smile. He just glows with joy. And Chris too.

    They are gonna be great big brothers.


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