Friday, January 28, 2011

The Annals of Stella

Stella came inside for a bit this morning because the boys needed to take their wildness outside... and they are still too afraid of her to go outside with her alone.

I gave her a bone to gnaw on while she was cooling her heels inside, and when she was finally allowed to go back out, she immediately started to dig a hole to put her bone in.  I pounded on the glass, because I don't want our yard to have a third hole just because it already has two.  She promptly stopped (she is SO obedient) and started to put the dirt back into the 'hole' she had managed to dig in the two seconds I didn't see her.  As she was diligently putting the dirt back, Faith the Bandit stole the bone from right under Stella's nose.  Stella didn't even notice because she was trying to put the dirt back, but it was so funny to stand there and watch her covering her bone that was basically just lying on top of the ground since I had stopped her from digging her hole. 

Silly Stella!  And Faith... what a little sneaker!

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