Friday, January 7, 2011

The Annals of Stella

Today, my amazing Stella once again protected her yard and her house from invaders. Her horrendously protective barking alerted me to the threat, and I immediately jumped up to see who she was holding at bay.

It was a bit of a letdown that it was only the Oncor Electric guy wanting to read our meter because we switched companies, but neither she nor I knew that prior to the incident in question. Better safe than sorry!

Good job, Stella!

(I laughed to myself when the man asked me "Is that a pitbull, too?" talking about Faith. Humph. He obviously doesn't know dogs. SHE doesn't look fierce at all. Kinda sad.)


The other day the family and I took the dogs to the park. I had walked Stella for a while and Tim had Faith as the boys pranced on ahead. Halfway around the lake Tim and I switched dogs, because Stella was tearing my arm off (we've been lax in teaching her to heel since having the boys) and Faith was running in between Tim's legs since SHE isn't leash trained at all, yet. So I went on ahead with Faith and the boys, and Tim wrestled with Stella behind me. Heel! Heel! No, Stella, HEEL! :)

Then a nice little old man walked past Tim, cautiously. Then, he passed the boys and me and whispered as quietly as possible... "Watch out for that dog; she'll tear you apart!" I didn't know at first who he meant, and then it occurred to me that he was talking about my Stella. I bet he was shocked later on his second lap when he saw me walking her with the boys right there. She had remembered how to Heel by then, though, so she didn't looking quite as dangerous.

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