Tuesday, January 4, 2011

17 Weeks

This past Sunday marked 17 weeks of pregnancy. Thankfully, my appetite came back, and I've been enjoying some yummy foods. We have bananas, carrots, and jam.... oh the jam!

The craving of sausage biscuits lasted..... three meals... in a row. I haven't wanted one since. But bagels with butter and blackberry jam appears to be a much more lasting craving. It is unbelievably delicious! Today at Wal-mart we got three more bags of bagels, because I've been eating one in the morning and the sometimes another at night. Irresistible! Today we also bought some gouda cheese, farmer's cheese and summer sausage (for lunch today and nighttime snacks), and also some shell pasta that I will mix with pepperoni and peppers. I only intended to buy the shell pasta and I was going to make homemade mac and cheese, but then the picture on the box looked so yummy that I had to buy the ingredients that they appeared to be, even though Tim informed me that it isn't pepperoni but red pickled peppers, or something. Nevertheless, I wanted pepperoni and so it is now waiting in my fridge.

I also got the four cheese mac and cheese in addition to the kid variety. Who says adults can't enjoy it, too? But, rats! I forgot to go get milk! We've been drinking about two gallons a week. I'm determined not to lose my bone thickness or my good teeth during this pregnancy.

I told Tim we got so much good food I don't know what to eat first!

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  1. I know! Food can just taste so much better when you are preggo! I remember when I was having my Cashew Craze with Charlie. Everything revolved around the next time I got to eat cashews.


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