Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We almost got a puppy today

We went to three shelters. The only dog we wanted was at the first shelter, and after we decided to get her, they told us... oops! She's already adopted. Dang.

She was an adorable Rottweiler/German shepherd mix. Five months old and uber gentle and playful. She'd have been perfect for the boys. Her coat was so soft.... and never mind. Both Tim and I left completely bummed.

The Allen shelter was a joke, but we did see two Great Danes there that would have been really fun to own, but they weren't up for adoption since they'd been mistreated. So sad.

Then we went to the SPCA in McKinney, but did you know that the dogs there cost upwards of $90 to adopt, and the puppy I wanted was $285?!?!? Nope, not a chance.

We'll go back to the Plano shelter on Thursday and see if they have any other puppy that would be good for the boys. Incidentally, most dogs there are $40.

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