Monday, December 6, 2010

Resistance is futile....

except it can't be futile! I have to resist starting to buy things for the nursery.

I have waited a very long time, and surely, surely (!) I can wait a few more months, right?!?

I want to buy a crib so badly! And a changing table...... I know just what I want but I am determined to find it on Craigslist for a fabulous deal. There is a cherry wood crib in Sachse now for only 80 bucks, and while it isn't exactly perfect according to my imagination, I wouldn't hate it. It seems like the changing table will be more expensive than the crib. I am going to paint the guest room (the nursery!) a fabulous color according to the sex of the baby... I won't keep it green, I don't believe. If we are having an Ilse, we are going to girl up the nursery to delicious heights of femininity, and if we're having a Jonathan, (I confess, I'm not exactly sure how I will decorate a boy's room.) I haven't spent much time the last seven years picturing myself decorating for/having a boy. I've been convinced this whole time that if I ever did get pregnant then it would be a girl, and so if it is indeed a boy (like my dear friend is having) then I will have to have a crash course in boys.

Yes, the boys are boys, BUT they don't much care about their room, and for some reason, it has just come together. Just the other day I bought a fabulous little plaque for their room that they love, mostly they love it because it is for their room, not because it is particularly boyish.

What I'm trying to say in such a roundabout way is that the baby's room needs to have a theme, in my opinion, even if it is just a color theme. I really want to decorate in bugs, but I'm rather afraid that sometime there will be a real bug in there, and I won't notice it until it scares the living daylights out of me, and I toss the baby in the air or something.

The boys' room doesn't have a theme except bright colors, and they certainly don't care. Maybe I think the boys need to have a say in their room, while I am determined to do the baby's room without any say from her or him. :) No kidding.

So I have to resist all this delicious buying until February or March. I'm thinking we'll have our tax return by then, and I'm planning on spending some of it to reacquaint myself with my dreams. We'll supposedly find out what this baby is at the end of January, and then nothing will be able to restrain me (except good sense) from giving in to decorating and planning fever.

I'll post pics as I decorate! And, I want to share it with everyone who loves me. Maybe I can get my Mommy to go shopping with me. And Ivy said she wants to register with me, although, I confess, I don't know what I would register for. What do babies need, anyway? :)

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