Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Potty Training our Second Child

Tim and I decided it was time to pee train Christopher. He does his poopies in the potty without fail these days.... I won't talk about how that came about.

We had tried to pee train him before when I did Joey, but I could tell he just wasn't ready. He is now. He is doing great!!! We have him on a towel in the entryway and we are on the 5th pair of underwear... not for full out accidents but for little trickle accidents. He is getting the hang of not being able to pee at will in his diaper. And just now, even though he was eating his lunch (on the towel... after all, I was a Foster) he said he had to go, and he ran to the potty and did a giant pee.

Good boy! He had held it instead of doing a trickle in his undies, and he voiced his need! Fabulous. That, in my opinion, is a huge step forward in just three hours, which is how long he's been on the towel.

He's such a happy little boy. He sits there and plays with his fingers and watches what's going on around him. His attitude is amazing and he is really trying.

I love him so much.

Now, Tim and I are talking about going somewhere special as a reward. I wonder if we'll bring anything home with us?

On the pregnancy side of things: I'm feeling pretty good. I think I might be getting a UTI, but we'll see if that's the case in a few days. I am not nauseated (haven't been for about a month) and I am not as tired as I was. I still don't look pregnant *in my opinion* and I haven't needed maternity clothes yet. I did buy a BeBand, but I'm not sure I like it. I did wear it on Sunday because the skirt I wore didn't have a hook like it is supposed to, and the top of the zipper was bothering my skin. My next appointment is Dec. 29, and we'll hear the heart beat. I do believe I have felt the baby move, but I can't be sure since I don't feel it with any regularity. This week or next though I probably will!

Then... the all important appointment the week of the 24th in January....

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