Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Joey's Speech

We have been working painstakingly on Joey's speech. When he first came to us, we couldn't understand a word he said. It was bad. Then his speech improved to the point where we could understand almost everything. Now we're back to understanding not so much, but the reason is good this time! His vocabulary has improved so much that the words he uses are much longer... but he's not pronouncing them correctly. That results in us not being able to understand everything he says. He doesn't get frustrated anymore, though, when we have him repeat what he said, and I am very glad about that.

The thing he says incorrectly the most (and the thing that drives me crazy the most :)) is his 'f' sound. It is always a 'p'. If he gets out the 'f' sound, he always follows it up with a 'p'.

Front is punt, fun is pun, flowers are plowers, etc.. And if I correct him, then it's fffff punt, fffff pun, fffff plowers, etc..

But yesterday, drum roll please....

He succeeded in saying FOOD without the 'p' sound! Yay! We had been working on it for five minutes at least, and I could tell he was getting frustrated and was about to cry. I didn't mention that to him, though, and I was relieved that I didn't have to get on him about being impatient because he stuck it out, and then he said it! What a big boy!

I decided that it would help for me to hold his lips apart so he couldn't make the 'p' sound, and sure enough, it did. Then he was able to do it on his own without holding his lips. (Maybe this is why I have a cold now?)

I was so proud of him.

His speech is going to be part of his school. We'll have dedicated times for working on different sounds, and we won't be allowed to have a bad attitude. I feel like 'enry 'iggins sometimes, but I don't want Joey to get to be 5 or even six and have a hard time talking. He deserves better than that from his mommy.

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