Monday, December 6, 2010

Jesus Christ and God

Today it occurred to me that I should just ask the boys to articulate what they know about Jesus. I debated about which boy to ask first; I thought surely Christopher would be able to tell me, and I thought Joey wouldn't. Surprise, surprise, Joey answered me immediately!

Both boys know that Jesus came to die for their sins on the cross, and both boys know that Jesus died so that God would/could forgive them.

I'm so glad they know it, can say it, and want to know more. They both understand also that sin makes our hearts dirty, and that when we pray after sinning God makes our hearts clean again. (I know this is highly simplified, but work with me here.)

This morning, Bam-Bam was covering me up because I was 'the baby Jesus', while Joey stood by giving moral support. I told them that I couldn't be Jesus, because I'm a lady, and Joey told me, very practically, 'I'm just pretending, Mommy.' :)

It wasn't too long ago that they didn't know what pretending was.

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