Monday, December 27, 2010

How do you teach a child...

when something is inside out versus right side out when he simply can't tell the difference? He can't find the sock that's inside out.

Find the fuzzy sock...

Find the one that has strings on the outside....

Find the one that looks wrong....

None of it works. How do you teach that?


  1. Use fewer words. Inside out vs. right side out, may sound the same. (side out)
    Instead say, "This is the right way"
    This is the wrong side.

    Then, they can concentrate on the actual problem of telling which side is correct.

    You can use a permanent ink marker and put their initial on the bottom side of the toe for them to see....

  2. I think Tim managed it... he can teach anything. I've tried twice, and he managed it in ten minutes. Maybe he just thinks more like Joey does. He taught him to look for the bumpy line by the toe, and if he can see it, then the sock is wrong. Apparently Joey got it. I probably was using too many words... and inside out versus right side out definitely do sound the same. Joey could easily do the socks with the word Hanes on them, since he knew when letters were wrong. It's the weave he can't tell if it is right or not.

  3. In my case, kid got 2 years of sensory therapy and then did it just great. :)

  4. Hevel, I've been wondering if Joey needs sensory therapy. It took him an abnormally long time to learn how to put on his underwear when I was potty training him. We'll see how he continues to progress. He's gotten so much better.

  5. Emily, I was going to say exactly what Tim said. =) That's how I find them! lol


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