Thursday, December 23, 2010

Frustration.... can't let it go..... (That's for Marc and Tim)

I find myself having an uber frustrating day. We went to the pound again, and there was this guy there who tried to completely take over our lives. I'm sitting there thinking, this dog is not the right dog for us.....Joey is terrified of him! But the man kept pushing him on us.

And Joey was annoying me too, not that he was afraid, but that he was acting very dramatically about it. We want to teach him that fear doesn't have to result in us backing against a fence and wailing. That is just too much. Not to mention that the same child came home and wet his pants because he refused to wait until Bam-Bam was done on the potty. I'm not annoyed because he is being too wimpy about it, but because I don't know how to deal with it right now. I'm sure it will get better in the next ten minutes after I've eaten some cold pizza. :)

Like I said, this is a terribly frustrating day. A nice day in some ways, but frustrating nevertheless. Joey has been misbehaving in a passively aggressive way from the minute he woke up this morning. Reminds me of another child we had once.... a girl.

That is exactly what Joey is doing; he is acting like a girl! :))) And it is something I'm not quite sure how to deal with. Tim is emotional sometimes, but not like this. In the heat of the moment, I'm going the route of, if you're acting like a baby, then you are tired. Let's go take a nap. This has worked previously, and we'll see how he is when I get him up here in a minute for lunch. He also needs cuddling (which he'll get and has gotten)


he needs a puppy. There's one that will be available on Sunday at ten. Of course, we can't/won't go until after church to see her, and hopefully she'll be there. She's a two month old lab. I just don't want to get him a dog that he is already afraid of. There is zero point to that. We already have a dog that fits that bill. We need to go the puppy route I think.

Today will get better. And Joey will keep adjusting and learn to regulate his frantic emotions with practice. I know that's all it is.

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