Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Friend for Stella

We took the plunge and bought another dog. Yes, I know, as someone very wise said to me, Foolish! :) But tough toenails.... we LOVE HER!

Her name is Faith. She and Stella are defining their roles, sort of. Actually, Stella knocks her down and stands over her and says in dog language, 'you better not jump on my human, kid!'

Lol. They are playing and chasing each other around the yard. We know they'll be fine.

Also, the boys love Faith, and they are not afraid of her. I'm so glad about that. Now I can send them into the yard with her, and Stella can come inside with me. I haven't been letting the boys play around to much outside just because Stellla needs a bath, but now that we have Faith I'll make sure they get to. Faith will love them.

I did my best to get some pics of Faith, but it is hard when there are two dogs cavorting around!

Here's what I managed.

Now I hear Faith out there telling Stella off. Stella is trying to play and Faith won't right now. I guess we got a dog with an attitude!

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