Thursday, December 23, 2010


Tim and I got to go on a date tonight. It is only the second date in a little over six months. That might seem like a lot of dates to some people, but to Tim and me it is very few, considering we had nothing but dates for six years of our marriage.

At any rate, sweet Dee came over tonight and house sat basically, since the boys were already in bed. It was really nice; she got a pizza out of it and Tim and I got Macaroni Grill and then Best Buy. We would have stayed at Best Buy longer, or possibly even gone to another store in search of our desired movie, except that the two Italian sodas, the two glasses of water, and the cappuccino I drank caught up with me. I'm pregnant after all.

We really enjoyed ourselves. I got a camera case for the new camera; it's purple. I love it.

Tim was uber sweet to take me out. We both needed the time together and were really thankful to get it.

And tomorrow we're going back to the Plano Animal Shelter in search of our puppy. She is somewhere, we just don't know where yet.

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