Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Music and Other Things

I think I'm completely overdosing on Christmas music this year. I it play from morning till night... usually on Pandora. Joey learns things from the music; I think it was Silent Night that he began asking questions about. He listens and learns whenever something is going on around him (unless he doesn't want to, of course.)


I'm so glad we adopted two kids. They play together all day long. I think everyone should start out having twins. It might be hard at first when they're babies, of course I can't speak regarding that, but when the kids are old enough to play together the mother's work load goes down astronomically.

These boys are so precious.


I briefly considered having a gender reveal party after my ultrasound in January, but when Ivy informed me of the true way to do it (get the tech to write the gender on a paper and seal it in an envelope, give it to Ivy and have her make the cake so we are surprised too) I said an unqualified NO. I would be into that envelope so fast! Can't wait a minute past my appointment time..... :)


Indecisiveness wears me out. I hate hearing the McDonald's commercial were the chick can't decide on anything. That makes me absolutely determined even more so not to eat at that eatery. Yuck.


For the past couple days we've enjoyed having our friends the Sturms stay with us while they were passing through on their Christmas journeys. To everyone who wondered about it, their dogs stayed with us too, and Stella did NOT eat them. She did cover them and herself in multitudes of drool though, which, thankfully, has already ceased its production. She looked like she was foaming at the mouth the entire time her dog friends were here. I am determined that we need a puppy. I think Bam-Bam would be ecstatic, and I also think a puppy would help Joey get over his fear of animals. Joey has had a very unfortunate incident with an iguana, which resulted in a very handsome scar on his lip. This, however, scarred his relationship with animals, and we think the sooner it's fixed the better. We'll see. Tim says a puppy would chew everything up, but since Stella's already done that, I don't see what else a puppy could find. I don't think there are any more sprinkler heads out there. Naughty Stella. :)

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