Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Today is a big day for our family. We've had a long standing tradition of going to Marc and Ivy's for Christmas Eve.... this must be the sixth time or something?

Ivy makes us a fabulous dinner, and secret of secrets, we indulge in a tad bit of.... humhum! Margaritas. I love making the top of the glass sugary and putting a citrus fruit on as a decoration. Lovely! Of course, this year I can only have a sip, but I'll enjoy it just the same. I wouldn't damage this baby for anything!

This year we're also going to a Christmas Eve service. We tried to go last year (or maybe the year before), but the one we chose was so scandalous we walked out. I know, but we couldn't help it.

This year we're going to a very reputable church's service; I'm sure we'll enjoy it very much.

However, before we can head to Ivy's (here in about four hours, hopefully) we have many things to do. We have to wash laundry, tidy the house, get salad fixings (I loath Walmart today so I'm heading to Tom Thumb), take presents to the car, make a lovely coffee cake for breakfast tomorrow, put together the boys' bikes, clean the kitchen, etc., etc., etc..

We've already got a good start in spite of our sleeping in to a deliciously late hour. Christopher has just taken himself to the potty, gotten his own pants off, washed his own hands, and he'll put his own clothes back on too... all I'll have to do is snap it for him. (I take it back; I did have to go fill up the soap dispenser for him. He can't do that by himself yet.) So with him being completely potty trained except for nights (I don't bother with that part. Joey trained himself, I expect Bam-Bam will, too.) I'm freed up a bit today and we'll have more time to enjoy the day sans changing diapers. Yay!

Enjoying life with our family of 2.5 kids and a dog. I can't wait to see the boys' faces tomorrow at gift opening time. Joey gets so excited.

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  1. I kinda completely forgot about the significance of today for most people West of us, but I hope I'm not completely late... Happy Christmas to you and your lovely family!


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