Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

I loved today. I loved watching our boys experience family, gifts, Luke 2, Bapaw crying at the same verse as every other year, Mamaw's good food, sweet aunties and uncles, wonderful cousins, Ya-Ya and Papau, warm baths and bed.

We opened our presents this morning at home, and the boys loved each one. We only filmed the first present each, and then we took pictures of the rest. We wanted to enjoy thoroughly this day that we've been waiting so long for, and I'm glad to say we did.

(I had a video to put here, but it would not load.)

After we finished here at home, we left for Mamaw and Bapaw's house, where we opened more presents, after dad read Luke 2.

Ivy gave the kids fireman raincoats... boy, do they love them!

And here is the part that made me cry: Mom and Dad included 'Precious Baby Minich' with a card and some money. So sweet!

After we ate a giant and a half lunch at my mom's and followed it up with dessert after we could stuff more in, we headed out to the Minichs were the boys got to see their Ya-Ya and Papau, the girls and Uncle Bob. The boys always enjoy going out there... they get so excited to go see Ya-Ya, and knowing they would likely get more presents made them even more excited.

I began falling apart soon after we got there. Pregnancy is kicking my butt lately, since I've been tired and a bit sick. (Today I actually had a good appetite and could eat some, but I still have not gained a pound. In fact, I'm lighter than I was at Thanksgiving. Surely that will change soon.) I nearly fell down twice just standing in Ya-Ya's living room. Time to head back to Mamaw's to see the Fasolinos, who always walk over. We also got to see Cabe and Kylah for a bit. It was Cabe's first time meeting our precious boys.

We stayed there only a little bit, and then we hightailed it home to get some sleep. Of course, I'm not in bed yet, but at least I'm resting.

Tomorrow will be another long day, since we are leaving church immediately to go see if the puppy we want is at the shelter. Maybe we can remember to use the word 'adopt' when talking to the shelter people instead of 'buy'. :)

I hope everyone of you had a very fabulous Christmas!

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