Thursday, November 25, 2010


I haven't posted in a while, and it has probably been a good thing since I am having trouble putting coherent thoughts and sentences together.

I don't think I've ever been this exhausted. And you know what? I'm loving every minute of it.

Since I wrote last, I painted the boys' bunk beds mostly by myself. Marc and Ivy came over and helped us switch the two rooms so the boys would have more space to play. That was work, let me tell you. We consummated the boys' adoption last Saturday (and what a wonderful day it was!) and then prepared for our giant party AND thanksgiving all of the beginning of this week.

Today we celebrated our first Thanksgiving as bonafide parents; we have our two precious boys and the little baby who is 12 weeks on Sunday. I didn't take any pictures; I think other family members did, but I was so tired I only thought about pictures once. I did make sure to give each of my children the first bite on their plates and ask them if they loved it. Christopher ate seconds of the potatoes I made, while we had to make Joey finish his food. I don't know why he was acting so funny about eating; usually he is a human garbage disposal. :) At any rate, he was certainly hungry again by dessert time. I let him pick two kinds of pie. I had thought all day that I would do tiny slivers of each kind for him, but tiny slivers of 21 pies is STILL 21 pieces of pie. I was too tired to cut that much, so I gave up after two.

The boys played happily all day with their cousins, and one of these days I'll get a picture of the reading parties Mamaw always has on her giant king size bed. Will, Luke, Abby, and Joey sit quietly for many stories, while Bam-Bam runs back and forth from the bedroom to the living room. Sooner or later he'll learn to appreciate good books and time with his family. Right now he just needs action, I guess.

We managed not to have too many disasters today, although we thought we had one when Charlie got woken up because of an unfortunate incident, but with some hard work he went back to sleep. Someone brought dirt into the house, but the trusty dusty macmuum took care of that.

Nothing got broken, and we loved playing Foster-style poker. Then, I beat all the girls at Boggle, which is shocking because I have pregnancy brain going on. I think it was the word 'naked' that did it. That and 'better', 'butter', and 'butters'. Handy dandy words. I found 'luau', but Ivy did too. Kim was always announcing that she'd found her perfect word, but there was only one time that she was the only one who had it. Ellen was Queen of the Dictionary.

I am beat. The next two days will be spend getting ready for our party. There isn't two much to do, but a little bit seems like an ocean of work to me these days. I'm so thankful that the weather seems like it will be bounce house friendly!

God has blessed us unbelievably this year, beyond all that we asked or thought. I had stopped praying for a baby, but he gave us one anyway. I can't wait until next year when the boys can understand the concept of 'Thanksgiving' more. It will be so special to sit there and list things we're thankful for.

I know what I will be thankful for. 'Scalped' potatoes.


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