Tuesday, November 9, 2010

TH words

Being the daughter of a woman who always spoke correctly (except for 'odiferous'), it is hard for me to hear the boys articulate sounds incorrectly. The sound that has bothered me the most is 'TH'. In case you haven't noticed, it's everywhere, at least in little kid speak.

What's that? Who's that? Come with me. Over there.

I am worn out with it. I decided a couple of days ago that I was going to make a very concerted effort to correct it every single time, and make the boys say it right before they could continue their sentence. I can do that because they are both capable of saying it, but they have been so lazy that they don't try to say it correctly.

So today, each of them is saying his 'TH' nearly perfectly. I still correct it, but Bam-Bam is to the point where he just needs a simple reminder. Joey still needs me to remind him to put his tongue between his teeth and blow.

I'm so proud of them and their progress. It's just one and a half weeks until court. What a blessed day that will be!

We did tell the boys about the baby. I think it has helped explain my odd behavior. Now they know why I am tired more often and why I eat mid morning or mid afternoon. I can't wait until we can introduce this little one to her/his phenomenal big brothers.

As for the name, I merely suggested Ilse (German for Elizabeth) to Tim many moons ago, and he poo-pooed it. But, I mentioned it again and asked him to think about it.... and viola! He now loves it. I've been asking him everyday, "What's the baby's name today?" And each day he has said Ilse, and then the other day he admitted that he had told everyone at work that that's the name. It made me happy that he likes it so much.

So, if (when?) this baby's a girl, she will be Ilse Joy Minich. Ilse is pronounced ILL-seh and means 'Consecrated to God'.


  1. Since you so readily have a girl's name...

    When expecting our twin boys, we knew they were twins and identical early on, and we immediatelly had two girls names picked. It took us forever to choose boys' names!

  2. Well, we do have a boy's first name, but we haven't picked a middle name yet. Jonathan is our first name pick, although we haven't decided the spelling. I guess we'll spell it traditionally. We like Lucas for a middle name, but I'm not so sure it really means anything.

  3. That is a beautiful name, Emily! I hope you have a girl so you can use it. Although, Jonathan is a solid name for a boy too. =)Are you going to find out what you're having at 20weeks?


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