Friday, November 12, 2010

Our Lives Intertwined

Hey folks,

While this blog does bear my name, you have not ever seen me write a single post, so here it goes.

Yesterday Emily and I spent a wonderful day together celebrating her birthday. We spent the morning shopping for the boys' Christmas gifts and eating lunch together. It was amazing getting to spend time talking and enjoying each others' company! As I thought about Emma's special day it occurred to me how blessed I am to have known my wife nine wonderful years! The Lord first blessed me with the pleasure of Emily's presence on Oct 5th, 2001 at around 12:30p.m.; we became fast friends and began dating. By Good Friday Emily had received the hearty approval of my two younger brothers (Joseph and Marcus) and I had proposed. May26, 2002, marked our first day as husband and wife. Eight years later I look back with great thankfulness as I see how the Lord has melded and intertwined our lives from even way before our first meeting that wonderful October day. Consequently, to this day the Fall is by far my favorite season for obvious reasons.

We both married very young and were privileged to grow up together in many ways. The Lord has seen fit to sustain us over the years and even in the hardest of times, (my finishing my Degree and the trial of infertility) our love has continued to grow stronger and stronger. Today we are seeing and experiencing the miracle of our Lord's continuous sustaining power through the trials we have faced. I have completed my degree by His grace and as of the 20th of November we will adopt our two wonderful boys! In addition, the Lord has seen fit to end our trial of infertility: We are expecting our third God given child in June! The Lord be praised for His mercy and kindness that is beyond my human comprehension!!!


  1. God Bless You, Nephew! I am so very proud of you and your hard work. Also, I laugh every time I read something that Emily has written or commented on! She is beautiful inside and out! Your children are so cute!
    So is Stella1
    Aunt Jodie in California

  2. Welcome to bloggy world Tim! What a wonderful first post.


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