Monday, November 1, 2010

Life Happenings Again

I would just like to say, that it is three weeks until court! Woohoo!!!

The boys, of course, are more excited about their party than court. I am more excited about court because I am ready for the state to move on! (This is not a plug for Goodness no.)

But on that topic, I hope all you U.S. citizens are going to vote tomorrow! I am going to take the boys for an adventure while I vote. Too bad we're saving tax money by not giving out the 'I voted' stickers. They would have loved 'em.

I have a lot of planning to do for the boys' party, and I need to start my Christmas shopping already, too. I've only bought ONE present so far, and last year I was done by this time..... for under $200! I was so proud of myself. This year is not going to be the same because we need to buy the boys some things. They need football helmets, jerseys with their names on the back, a play vacuum, a kitchen, and who knows what else. Maybe some books, too. I can't wait to cart all the presents over to Mamaw's and open them like we do every year. Last year I got my little niece a rug for her room. They are planning on going to Mexico as missionaries after the first of the year, and so this year I'm getting her something smaller and more transportable. Hopefully she'll be able to keep her lovely butterfly rug.

I can't express how happy it makes me to buy my family gifts. Oh, I like getting gifts, too, but even when people say "We're skipping Christmas this year" and believe me we've had a lot of those years over my life even though we never really skipped anything, I would still want to give gifts to my fam. Starting last year, I decided I really like picking the things out and figuring out how not to break the bank. Before last year it was really hard for me, but apparently I came into my own last year. :)

This year I've been so busy, though, and haven't done the planning I had meant to do all year.

However, I am planning to take a nap here in a bit, and I'm sure that will actually happen. :)

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  1. I love giving gifts too...and no matter how good my intentions are to get them purchases early, I tend to wait until late November/early to mid December to get them all! Aah! I only have one so far this year, so there's a lot more to get!

    Blessings, Grace


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