Monday, November 8, 2010


It is now less than two weeks until court. We are uber excited.

Now to life:

I have been working with the boys on how to ask a question. And really, I agonized over it way more than I needed to. For as long as they could talk, which has been less than five months, they have been stating their questions in the negative.

"We not getting Daddy right now?"
"I not getting that?"

It got very annoying. But then I had a brain storm. Instead of correcting every time: "ARE we getting Daddy right now?" "AM I getting that pizza?" I just started saying, "How do you ask a question?"

AND IT WORKED! I am so excited. So just now, Bam-Bam says to me: "Stella not want to get in her chair?" I asked him, "How are you supposed to ask a question?" And my silly boy turned to Stella in all seriousness and said: "Will you get in your chair please?"

Upon Stella continuing to sit in the grass, Bam-Bam informed me: "Stella not want to talk right now."

So funny. I think he really expected her to answer him like he has to answer us-- "Yes, Mommy," and "Yes, Daddy."

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