Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Prep

This year we bought our tree from Lowe's. Every other year we've gone to a tent somewhere on the side of the road, and every year we felt like we spent too much.

Last year we did something brilliant and spectacular. We had the guy at the tent put the tree in the stand for us. Amazing! We didn't hassle with it for hours, we didn't get sticky, and we ended up with a perfectly straight tree! That guy should have gotten a medal. So for weeks I've been saying that I want to do the same thing again this year. I want someone to put the dumb stand on for us. Yes, we buy a new stand every year, because we HATE hassling with it.

Well, we had the bright idea to go to Lowe's because we saw that the trees there were good quality (non Hogan's goatish) and so much cheaper than one of those tent places. I asked the man if he could put the stand on, and to this minute I wish I hadn't asked him. You guessed it, we had to redo it when we got home.

So there sweet Tim was, laying (lying?) on the ground in his work clothes, hassling with the dumb stand. And there I was, a broken down pregnant woman (lol) standing on the stand with my broken foot to keep it flat and pushing the tree the other direction to provide resistance to Tim's faithful twisting of the dumb stand screws. I got achy and my tummy started pulling. Terrible. But both of us stuck it out and now we have a more nearly perfectly more nearly straight tree.

It's lovely. See?

And here are our stockings.

I hope to wrap the boys' presents soon and stick them under the tree. Then I'll torture the boys with them for the next 25 days. :)

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